Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday News for Week of January 13-17

Happy New Year!

The students jumped right back into school, ready to learn and grow in 2014. 

This week:

Spelling Bee - We practiced a lot for the Spelling Bee. We studied the words and we practiced them by writing them in rainbow colors, using macaroni, phonics cards, and even paint inside a zip locked bag. We even had a group of high school students come in on Thursday to help us learn our spelling words. I think we will be ready for the spelling bee next week.

Math - We learned about place value of the tens and ones this week. We learned that there is a ones place and a tens place and that we can show them by using the cubes and longs. 

Bible - We have continued with the story of Moses. We learned about the 12 spies that went to Canaan to spy out the land, but 10 did not tell the truth; only 2, Caleb and Joshua did. Because of that, all the people had to wonder around the desert for 40 years before they can go home to their land.

Science - This week we studied ants! We collected some ants from outside, we read some books, and watched some videos on ants. We learned the life cycle of ants and the different body parts of the ants. 

Next Week: 

Monday, January 13th - KITE DAY! Parents are invited to come and fly kites with us. 10:15-11:00, we will be on the soccer field flying kites. You may send the kite to school with your child in the morning, or bring it with you. Please purchase a kite if you have not done so yet.

Friday, January 17th - Class Spelling Bee! 1.2 will be having our own class spelling bee to determine the top 3 winners who will go on to compete in the 1st and 2nd grade Spelling Bee. I'm sorry, but parents cannot attend this. Good luck to everyone!

Spelling Words: (review) puff, well, miss, will, back, pick, sock, duck, hand, went, fast, jump, long, hang, wink, ring, talk, fall, tall, your

Bible Memory: "As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

Monday, January 20th - NO SCHOOL Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 21-24 is Spirit Week! Stay tuned for more fun information for this week.