Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday News for the FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL!

Happy 1st week of school! We had an incredible first week in 1.1 together! We practiced lots of new routines, we made new friends, went to Art, PE, and the computer lab, and SO much more!

We learned the first 4 classroom rules!
#1 Listen when your teacher is talking
#2 Raise your hand to speak or stand
#3 Follow directions quickly
#4 Make smart choices

We also learned about how we behave at OCSI.

We are...
Hard Workers

Today to talk about self-control, I blew some bubbles at the students and bet them a party that they would all touch the bubbles. They ALL had self control and didn’t pop one bubble! As a result, the students had a geoboard party at the end of the day where they got to design anything they wanted!

Next Week:
Homework is starting! One page of either phonics or math every day Monday-Thursday. Please also start reading with your child at home for at least 10 minutes!

Friday - September 1st - Open House 6pm in the cafeteria. Come out and hear from the principal and then come to Room 208 to hear what goes on in the 1.1 class. I’d love to meet all of you!

Please email me if you have any question, or write in the 'Home to School Notebook!' Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!

Hi everyone!

If you are a parent from last year, feel free to unsubscribe to the emails!

If you are a new first grade parent this year - Welcome! Nice to meet you! I am so excited to be teaching 1.1 First Grade at OCSI!

Some things to know:

School starts tomorrow! 8:25-3:00pm

In case you didn't get a chance to see it, here's the classroom supply list:

As well as inside shoes!

On the first day of school, I will be sending home a variety of papers for the parents to look over and sign:
Friendship Friday T-shirt Form - This is not mandatory. We will be wearing the shirts on Fridays and Field Trips so all the students can be matching. If you decide to not purchase one, please have your child wear an orange shirt on field trip days. If you would like to purchase it, here is what it looks like but in orange! Please include the ¥1500 when you return the form!

OCSI Guidelines and Rules - please discuss with your child and sign together.
Parent Information Sheet
Computer Use Guidelines (will be difficult for the 1st graders to understand. Try to discuss the best you can and sign together. We will also be discussing it in class.)
Library Use Permission Form - library days will be on Tuesday. Please have your child send back their library books on that day. 
 Please try to have these forms back by Friday, August 25!

I'm excited for a fantastic year!!!