Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Final Friday News for the 2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR!

Hi everyone!!! Wow!! We made it! The students are on their way to 2nd grade!

Thanks to all the parents who came out today and brought items for the Class Party! It was so much fun to celebrate together the amazing year we had!

These last 2 and 1/2 days of school were super fun!

We had the 3rd grade class come to our class to share reading our nonfiction books together:

We also learned some more about sound in science, made a 1st grade memory book, and enjoy some crafting with creation station!

It has been SUCH a pleasure to teach your child this year! May you have a wonderful summer and see you in the Fall! :D

Friday, June 7, 2019

Friday News for the Week of June 3-7

Happy Friday!
Last Friday of the school year! Last whole week of the school year!!! We had a great Fun Friday creating things from boxes!

This Week:

… we reviewed the CAFE menu board of all the reading strategies we learned this school year! WOW look how many we learned!

… we finished the Bible lessons with a recap of all the Bible lessons we learned and how everything points to Jesus!
… we took the Chapter 1-10 Math Benchmark test to see how much we’ve learned and covered this school year! WOW! From addition all the way to 3D shapes!
… we practiced some fun contractions!
… we did some assessments on Point of View and using commas!
…  we cleaned out some things in the class and brought home Word Work notebooks, art work, and math workbooks!
… we said goodbye to our specials teachers - Thanks Mrs. Reasoner, Mr. Meredith, Mrs. Moyer, and Mrs. Lloyd.
… we finished our Animal Nonfiction books and will read them to 1.2 class on Tuesday!
… and so much more!

Next Week:
Wednesday is 12:30 dismissal and no lunch!

If you’d like to come to our class party, we will start at 11:00. Please bring a bento lunch for your child (and yourself!). Afterwards we will eat ice cream sundaes! Thanks for all the parents that have already signed up to bring things!! If you’d like to sign up there’s still spots or bring anything!

See you on Wednesday!