Friday, June 13, 2014

Let summer begin!

We had a GREAT last day of school in 1.2. The students and I reflected on the WHOLE year to think of everything we learned and all the school events we got to be a part of. At 11:30, we had a wonderful lunch of delicious food. Thank you to every parent who sent food in! Then we played some fun games including pictionary, madlibs story, and a "Find someone who..." game. It was so sad to say goodbye to all 18 of these wonderful students. I will definitely miss them a lot but I am so excited for them to go to 2nd grade. 

As of this afternoon, I have cleaned up the whole classroom. I have also moved!! As of next year, I will no longer be in Room 212, instead I will be in room 208 - still teaching 1st grade though. Please come visit me any time!

I hope you all will have a fantastic summer with your families. Make lots of memories and spend lots of precious time together. 

Thank you for this school year - it was definitely a joy.

Ms. Turner :)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday News and LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!!!!!

A huge THANK YOU EVERYONE! For the wonderful birthday cards, flowers, presents, emails, and love for my birthday. I felt so loved by all of my students and families! Thank you!!! I had a great birthday and after school, Ms. Lim and Mrs. Gosin took me to a tea shop for a tea party! It was lovely!

This week: TESTS....

This week, we mostly finished up workbooks and took tests... not too much fun but the students were very good and did not complain! Every test I gave them, they just took it and quickly started working on it. Sometimes, I tried to be nice and say, "Ok, we'll do the rest tomorrow." But the students said, "No, let's do it today!" What a great group of students!

We took an end-of-the-year reading test, 2 math tests, a Bible test, a spelling test, and a phonics test. We finished our spelling and phonics workbooks. 

We DID do some fun things! The students finished up their vending machines this week and they did SO well! I was so impressed by them.

Next week:

Last day of school June 11th and ends at 2pm. We will have a class party starting at 11am. All parents are welcome to attend. Please sign up to bring (or send with your child to school in the morning) a food item to share with every one BECAUSE there will be no school lunch that day.学校の最後の日は6月11日です。2時に終わります。その日はクラスパーティです。11時から始めます。みんなと一緒に分かち合える食べ物を持ってきてください。その日は給食がありません。親のみなさんもぜひいらして下さい。

No spelling words, no Bible memory, no homework. :)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Homework checklist and End-of-the-year-Party!

I have been slacking with putting the Homework Checklist up - I am so sorry!
Also, here is the email from the class moms just in case you did not receive it. If you would like to bring food, please email me and I will get the message to the room mom's. Looking forward to a great End-of-the-year- Party!!

Hello 1.2 parents,
This is class moms for Ms. Turner's class.
We hope you all had a nice weekend.
Unbelievably, the last day of this school year is next week!!
On that day (June, 11th), the children will have a Year-End-Party at 1.2.
The party will be from 11:00-2:00.
It will take the place of their lunch, so they will need lots of food and treats for the fun day.
If you can bringing/sending a food item on June 11th sign up below and REPLY ALL, so that everyone will know what has been signed up for.
Some ideas are finger sandwiches, chicken nuggets, finger size foods, meatballs, cheese and crackers, fruit etc.
Food item-
Food item-
Food item-
Food item-
Food item-
Dessert item-
Dessert item-
Dessert item-

This time we do not collect any tableware.
We have enough paper plates, cups, forks, napkins and so on.

Let's enjoy the food and chatting with!
We are looking forward to see you all!!

Your class moms,
Yumiko, Sewwandi and Rika