Thursday, February 26, 2015

Friday News for Week of February 23-27

Happy day before Bazaar and day before the last day of February!

This Week:
Reading: We continued to work on our Student-Led Conference folder. We also worked on Read to Self and Word Work. Since our spelling words were blends with the letter “R” we also thought of a lot of words that start with that blend. 

Bible: We finished the story of Solomon. After Solomon asks for wisdom, God tells Solomon to build His temple in Jerusalem. He used gold and fine material to build a place of worship for the people of Israel. Far away in another country, a queen hears about Solomon’s wisdom and wealth and goes to visit him to see it with her own eyes. Everything she sees is true and she praises Solomon’s God for all he has. In Solomon’s later years, he begins to fall away from God. He married foreign wives that didn’t follow God and in the end, God keeps his promise to David, but declares that he will divide Israel and make 2 kingdoms. Even though Solomon did not finish his life very well, he still was very wise and wrote large parts of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, as well as some Psalms in the Bible. So this week we made a scroll with our Bible verse, Proverbs 3:5-6 on it!

Math: We have finished Unit 6 and we are trekking through the math units! This week we learned how to tell time with digital time and to the 5 minute intervals. We also continued practicing with counting coins, as well as using centimeters and reading graphs. 

TOMORROW is BAZAAR!!! Come on out from 10-3pm to go shopping in the gym or eat some delicious foods!

Thank you so much for the donations of the drinks and the ¥1000!!!! :)

If you are working for the Okinawa Soba booth, please bring an apron and bandana for your hair. Looking forward to serving alongside you!

Next Week:
Spelling Words (Continued into next week):star, scat, sleep, skate, space, spell, smile, snack, swim, stop 

Bible: Psalms 8:1 “O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth.”

Upcoming Events:
NO SCHOOL - March 2nd - OCSI Holiday

Student-Led Conference - March 6th - Please confirm the time, if you are able to come. Your child will be doing most of the talking this time and sharing with you about what they are learning and about their growth in 1st grade. Please listen to their presentation until the end and then ask them questions. Some example questions:

What is your favourite part of school?
What is your favorite subject?
What subject is your hardest?
How can I help you at home?

It is 20 minute time schedule so please try to come a few minutes before so we can stay on schedule. Looking forward to seeing you there!

March 13th - Culture Fair. 1st and 2nd grade students need a HOME LUNCH on this day!
3rd Quarter Ends

March 16-20 M-Term - This will be a normal week of school for 1st grade but with a little different schedule during the week. 
4th Quarter Starts

March 23 - No School! Teacher Development Day!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Picture Retake Day

Picture retake day is FEB 25. That's this Wednesday

*Because of the early yearbook deadline this year, retake portraits will NOT make it into the yearbook. 

*New students or those who missed the first photo day may order portrait packages as usual.

*Those who didn't like their first portrait package may return it to the photographer (it must be complete and undamaged) and it will be replaced with a new set, free of charge.

*Students as well as teachers who did not get pictures taken on the first picture day (for any reason) SHOULD get their pictures taken on retake day, even if they don't intend to buy them. We need the pictures for school record-keeping purposes. 

Homework Checklist

I'm so sorry about forgetting to post the Homework Checklist!

Here is the one for this week!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bazaar Sign Up

Thank you for signing up!! On the day of Bazaar please bring an apron and bandana for your hair!

1. Yamada
2. Thompson
3. Elston

1. Hannadige
2. Woolery
3. Miyazato
4. Robirds

1.  Ogawa
2.  Frazier

Thank you so much!!!!!

Friday News for Week of Feb 16-20

Happy Friday! It's a beautiful day today!!

This week:
Reading: This week was another week of working hard on our Student Led Conference portfolios. The students are doing a great job of thinking of what they are good at and what they need to work on in their different subjects. 

We dived into the blends that have the letter "l" in it. Look at all the words we came up with!

This week we also did a mini lesson on verbs. The student enjoyed some center activities involving verbs. 

Math: We finally learned about Quarters!! Now we have finally learned all the coins for 1st grade. We have to practice practice practice counting all the coins together now. We practiced counting by 25’s as well as learned who is on a Quarter. 

This week we also did some explorations with shapes and fractions, triangles on geoboards, dice games, and measuring with centemeters. The students had fun and learned a lot!

Bible: This week we finished the unit on David with the promise that his son Solomon would be the next king. Solomon loved God and followed in his ways and so God said he would give him whatever he wanted. Solomon asked for a discerning heart and wisdom. God was so pleased with his answer that he gave him that AND riches, fame, and honor. WOW! My prayer is that God would give a discerning heart and wisdom to all of my students. 

Special Guests - This week we had some special guests! Mr. and Mrs. Turner aka Ms. Turner’s parents! They were in town for my brother’s basketball games and stopped by to say hi to 1.1. 

Kid City - Coming up in April is a special event for 1st an 2nd graders called Kid City. We are beginning preparation for it by teaching the first lesson on the Post Office. Students learn what happens at a Post Office and what kind of things you say at a Post Office. 

Next Week: 
Spelling Words: frame, green, brown, dry, prize, trust, dress, crops, trees, pray, from, two

Bible memory: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6

Student Led Conference - The forms went home today. Please sign if you are able to come at that time. If you are unable, we can schedule for a different day or even earlier than 9:00am on that day. Hope to see you there!

Bazaar Information
Hello everyone! Can you believe that the Bazaar is right around the corner? It is next week, Saturday, February 28th. Here are somethings you can do:

1. Donate ¥1000 to cover the cost of ordering the Okinawa Soba. Please send this in by next Wednesday, February 25th. 2014年のバザーに関連して皆様へ各々1000円の寄付をお願いしています。2月25日までにお金をだしてください。

2. Sign up to work at the Okinawa Soba booth on the day of the bazaar. Reply to sign up for a spot. バザー当日の手伝い。このメールに返事をして手伝ってくれる時間を示してください。



3. Donate can of drinks. 飲み物の寄付

4. Help sorting the items in the gym 体育館での手伝い

Thank you for helping out OCSI! :)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday News for Week on Feb 9-13

Happy Friday and Happy Valentine’s Day!

We had a heart-filled day in 1st grade today! I love how much love these 1st grade students have! At the end of the day, we have a short Valentine’s Party where we read a book, played a game and passed out all of the Valentine’s. I received so much love! :)

Today in our Bible lesson we remembered how God loved us first and how he loved us so much to send his own son to die for us, and how he calls us to love each other and even our enemies!

We even made fun Valentine Cards!

This week:

Student Teacher: This week we had a new face in the classroom. Meet Mrs. Harris. Mrs. Harris is studying to be a teacher and is practicing in our 1.1 classroom. She is busy trying to learn the names of all the 1.1 students and has already been teaching some spelling this week. In a few weeks, she will take control of the classroom to teach for one week! We are excited to have her in our classroom!

Reading: This week we worked a lot on our Student Led Conference Portfolios. Parents will be excited to see the final product during Student Led Conference time!

Math: Last week after learning about Fact Families, this week we used that to learn about Fact Triangles. We also learned some more fun math games with that. We also practiced with subtraction facts. Today we learned about the centimeter - CM! We took our rulers around the room and tried to figure out how long somethings were. 

Bible: We had an exciting few weeks in the story of David and Saul. David has finally begun king and God is blessing his life as king. Even when his son Absolam tried to take over and become king, God still uses had a plan for David’s life and brings David back to Jerusalem to be king. 

Birthday: This week we also had a class birthday where the student brought his little sister in for Show and Tell! So much fun!

Next Week
Bible memory: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6

Spelling Words: play close blue glad flags plate class black fly bless some these

No school on Monday!!!
Feb 16th - President’s Day - NO SCHOOL!

Feb 28 - Bazaar - Stay tuned for more information soon. You can drop off your donations starting on MONDAY Feb 9 through Wednesday Feb 26. Please mark the donations with the tags provided. If you need more, please let me know!

Mar 2 - OCSI Holiday - No School!

Mar 6 - Student-led Conference Times for the conference will be going out next week!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday News for Week of February 2-6

We had a fantastic week full of wonderful new things learned, a new student, a terrific Spelling Bee and SO much more!

This Week:
Reading: Our focus was “Mental Image.” When we are reading, it is important to form images in our head from the words we are reading. Sometimes our mental image changes throughout the story. This week we read only half of a poem, drew a picture of what we saw in our mind, then we finished the poem and drew another picture to see how much our mental image changed. 

This connected so well with our writing strategy of “Descriptive words.” We all took the word “GOOD” and we threw it out the window! Instead we thought of great words like “terrific, fantastic, exciting, and amazing!”

Math: We learned all about equivalent names for numbers. Just like people have different names such as, Ms. Turner, Sarah, Sarah Turner are all names for myself, so numbers have different names. You can use money, addition and subtraction facts, tally, base 10 blocks, domino's and so much more!

We also learned about Fact Family! A group of 3 numbers can go together like a family. With a dad, mom, and child number. :)

Bible: We got to learn the most fantastic story of David and Goliath. Wow! Goliath was was 9 foot tall Philistine soldier who was talking bad about the Israelites and God, and David, just a young boy, with God’s help, defeated the giant. We got to fight Goliath this week with spoons and pompoms!

See Goliath on the wall? :)

David went on to win lots of battle for God, but Kind Saul became very jealous of David and David had to run and hide from Saul. Saul's own son, Jonathan, was best friend's with David and many times saved David's life. We talked about what a good friend does and made friendship bracelets. We each had a string and every student went around and put a knot in their classmates bracelet!

100's Day of School: As of Tuesday, we had been in school for 100 days! As a result, we had a 100's day party. We read a 100's day of school book, made a 100's days craft, and made a guess to how many times we could clap and write our name in 100 seconds!
Ms. Turner wrote her names 41 times in 100 seconds!

Spelling Bee: CONGRATULATIONS and AMAZING JOB to the three Spelling Bee Contestants from 1.1. Each one of you did fantastic and I am so proud of you! It was so fun to see how many words you knew how to spell!

Next Week: 
Spelling Words: soon, good, look, took, food, book, zoo, foot, cool, noon, many, he

Bible Memory: "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13

Next Friday, we will celebrate Valentine's Day at the end of the day. If you would like to have your child give a Valentine's please make sure you provide one for everyone. If you would like the class list, please email me! Don't forget, we have 20 students in 1.1 now!

Feb 6th - Progress Reports will be emailed sometime this evening.

Feb 16th - President’s Day - NO SCHOOL!

Feb 28 - Bazaar - Stay tuned for more information soon. You can drop off your donations starting on MONDAY Feb 9 through Wednesday Feb 26. Please mark the donations with the tags provided. If you need more, please let me know!

Mar 2 - OCSI Holiday - No School!

Mar 6 - Student-led Conference

Monday, February 2, 2015