Sunday, March 30, 2014

News for Week of March 31- April 3

Last Week March 24-28

Reading: We began preparing for the Terra Nova by talking about some good test taking strategies including get lots of sleep, eat a good breakfast, practice active listening, be quiet in the hallways, choose the best answer.

Math - We finished Chapter 7 by taking a Unit Test. The students all did well with questions on telling time, counting money, reading a graph and place value. We finished the week by learning about symmetry and double digit addition.

Bible: To prepare for the Terra Nova, we put our Old Testament studies on hold to walk through the New Testament. It has been a great week as we learned about the amazing life of Jesus while he was on earth. We learned about his miracles from healing sick people to feeding 5000 people with just a fish and some bread.

This Week March 31- April 3.

No spelling test or Bible Memory test.

No school on Friday April 4th。START OF SPRING BREAK UNTIL APRIL 14

Terra Nova Test: On Tuesday to Thursday, the whole school (minus K4 students) will be taking a standardised test called the Terra Nova. This will cover subjects such as Reading, Math, Bible, Social Studies, Science, Vocabulary, and Word Analysis. Because of the test, and to help with the brain, the students are allowed to bring a snack ONLY on these days. Please send a small snack with your child to school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It should be a healthy snack, no sugar, for example, fruit, bread, cheese stick, crackers, vegetables, senbei, etc. They should be able to finish it in 5 minutes.

Kid City: On Thursday starting at 12:00pm, the 1st and 2nd graders will gather in the gym for the 1st EVER Kid City event! The student will rotate in 4 cycles to be a worker at a job, a customer, a different worker, and a customer. They will be practicing oral language at the 10 stations we have: post office, bank, city hall, store, bakery, hospital, pharmacy, church, police station, and school. We are looking for a few more parents that would like to help out. Please email me if you would like to help!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Homework Checklist and Monday News

Kid City Help
We need your help one day after school next week - 3/26 or 3/27 from 3:00-4:00 to cut and paste and make and create the different things we need for the Kid City day. 

学校の後3/26と3/27一時間だけ Kid Cityの手伝いをしてくれる親をさがしています。紙をきったり、いろいろなもの作ります。これたら、ぜひ手伝いにきてください.

I sent home the Scholastic Book Orders for March last week. If you would like to order, please return the form and money by April 3rd. Thank you!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday News for Week of March 24-28

This Week at OCSI

We had a short week because Monday there was no school. 

Reading - We started learning about comparative and superlative (which is just a fancy term for -er and -est. We practiced sentences with them and wrote in our reading journal to practice.

Math - We finally learned the 3D shapes! Today we did a sorting activity where we had to sort everyday objects into the correct box of Cylinder, Cube, Rectangular Prism, Sphere, and Cone. 

Today was Culture Fair!! The students did very well sitting through all 17 presentations! We got to taste some food, see a model house, see clothings, toys, and money of the different countries. 

Next Week  March 25-28

Spelling Words: star, scat, sleep, skate, space, spell, smile, snack, swim, stop, could, its 

Bible Verse: ”The Lord is my light and my salvation - whom shall I fear?” Psalm 27:1b

Tuesday 3/25: 1.2 will be leading our elementary chapel for the day. If you would like to come and watch us, we will be leading from 9:45-10:15, 1:50-2:20, and 2:25-2:45. You are welcome to come and watch us! :) Our theme will be “The Wise and the Foolish Builders” from Matthew 7:24-27.

4/1-4/3 Terra Nova Testing. This is our yearly standardized testing. OCSI does testing from K5-12th grade. We will be testing on Tuesday 4/1, Wednesday 4/2, and Thursday 4/3. Please make sure your child gets a lot of sleep and rest on these days. Also, these day, students need to bring a snack to school. Please make sure it is a healthy snack (mikan, cheese, crackers, juice, fruits, vegetables). We will test mostly in the mornings with breaks in between each test. テラノバテストは4/1−4/3です。この日、生徒たちはきちんと寝て疲れがないようにしてくださ。テストの間おやつの時間もあげます。ヘルシーなおやつを学校までその日子供と送ってください(みかん、チーズ、クラッカー、せんべい、ジュース、果物、野菜)。

4/3 KID CITY!!! We are excited for Kid City coming up. For the first time ever, 1-2nd graders will participate in a “in-school field trip” called Kid City. The students will have the chance to experience many real life jobs and situations such as going to the bank, city hall, post office, store and more, BUT we need some of your parents help to get this to work. 
We need your help one day after school next week - 3/26 or 3/27 from 3:00-4:00 to cut and paste and make and create the different things we need for the Kid City day. 
We need volunteers to come and help with Kid City on April 3rd. from 12:00-3:00. 
If you are able for one or both of these, we would really appreciate it!
初めて1−2年生は”Kid City”をします。(子供町)子供たちは日曜生活、仕事をいろいろ体験できる所です。これは学校内遠足です。でも、親の手伝いがほしいです!
1。学校の後3/26と3/27一時間だけ Kid Cityの手伝いをしてくれる親をさがしています。紙をきったり、いろいろなもの作ります。これたら、ぜひ手伝いにきてください。
2。 Kid Cityの日は4月3日12:00−3:00までです。その日にボランティアを下くださる親も探しています。したければ、連絡ください。

4/4 No school - beginning of SPRING BREAK!!!

4/14 School starts back. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday News for week of March 17-21

This Week:
To look forward to character parade, our reading strategy is character! We try to see what our characters look like, what they feel, what they do, what they say - all about characters! In relation, our writing strategy was WOW words, or describing words. It paints a much brighter picture in your head if you talk with describing words. 

Character Parade! We had a fun day parading around the school dressed up in our favorite character costumes! We had Franklin’s, Cliffords, princesses, Froggy, Pigeons, Lizard’s, cats, and lots of other fun characters! We also introduced ourself like we were our character, and thought of many describing words to talk about our character. 

Math - We started Unit 7 which is all about shapes! We have learned the names for the 2D shapes and the rules for a polygon. Next week we will start to learn about the 3D shapes. We have already started a Shapes Museum in our class of shapes we see everyday!

Bible: David is finally crowned king! What an amazing story his life is. We learned that because God was with him, God made his name great and blessed him in all of Israel. We also learned the amazing fact that David is part of Jesus’ family line!

TOMORROW: BAZAAR!!!! Tomorrow is Bazaar! Thank you for all of the parents who have signed up to work. If you are working, please make sure to bring your own apron and bandana for your head. Please come prepared to work with a smile on your face! We will be set up in the Cathedral area outisde the cafeteria. Find the Okinawa Soba booth. いよいと明日はバザーです。働きにくる親たちにありがとう!自分のエプロンとバンダナを持ってきてください。沖縄そばのコーナーを探して働きにきてください。

Next Week:

You can keep the student led-conference portfolio, but please take out the 1000 Sight Words paper and send that back to school!!!

MONDAY MARCH 17th - NO SCHOOL! OCSI Holiday. Bazar お疲れ様です:)

March 21st - Culture Fair. The 3-5th graders will be hosting their Culture Fair on this day. They will be presenting to us about different countries. For most of the day, we will be walking around to the different classroom to listen to the presentations. If any parents would like to help by taking a group of students and walking around with them, please email me, I would love your help!
ON THIS DAY - ALL STUDENTS NEED A HOME LUNCH!!! The cafeteria will be used for the 3-5th graders with their international luncheon so we will eat outside or in the classroom. Please make sure they come with a home lunch!

April 1-3 - Terra Nova Standardized Testing
April 3rd - Kid City - Stay tuned for more information

April 4th - NO SCHOOL: start of Spring Break

Bible Verse (same as last week): There is no one holy like the Lord; there is no one besides you; there is no Rock like our God." 1 Samuel 2:2

Spelling Words: frame, green, brown, dry, prize, trust, trees, pray, dress, crops, from two

Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday News for Week of March 10-14

Thank you to all the parents who came out to the Student-Led Conference today! I very much enjoyed seeing you and hearing your child talk to you about their work. I was so proud of all of them and I hope you are too!! We still have 3 more months of school left so let’s learn so much more!

This week:
Reading: We focused all about Characters this week. We learned that every story has some sort of character whether it is just a boy or a girl, or an animal, or a thing. We went on a Character Hunt to find characters in books spread around the room. 

Math: We finally learned about telling time to the 5 minute mark. The students all understood it fast! We practiced telling time on our whiteboards and in our Math Journal. 

Bible: In our Bible stories, David is being hunted by King Saul, because Saul is jealous of him. Every time, God saves David and Saul doesn’t catch him. This is where we see that for David, “It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.” Psalm 18:32

Social Studies: We are beginning a big unit to prepare for Kid City coming up in April. Last week, we focused on the post office. This week we wrote a post card to ourself. I will put it in the mail on Monday, so we will see whose will arrive at their house first! We also started practicing dialogue for someone wanting to mail a letter at the post office. 

Next Week:

March 14 - Character Parade:
I’m sorry if I have not given enough information about character parade. Here is some more details about it. 
  • Please have your child pick 1 book character. We prefer literary book characters, but if it is a movie-turned-to-book character that is fine too. 
  • Please also have the book that your character is from. It does not have to be from the library, it can be from any where. If you want to do a specific character but you do not have the book, please email me and I will see if I can find it here at OCSI. 
  • This is a costume parade. Please dress your child up in the costume of the character in the book. Have them come to school dressed up, or easy to assemble once they arrive at school. 
  • The parade starts at 9:10. We will walk around each floor of the OCSI building and all the high school and middle school students will be our audience. 
  • Parents are welcome to come and attend. When the parade is finished, 1.1 and 1.2 students will gather in my room and Mrs. Bezner will come read her character’s book to us. Please send a change of clothes if it is too distracting of a costume or uncomfortable. 


3/15 Bazaar is next week!!!!!! Thank you to all parents who have signed up to work on that day and who have donated the ¥1000. On the Bazaar day, please arrive to work your shift. Please bring an apron and a bandana for your hair. Please continue to bring in donations for the whole school (canned drinks, cake mixes, cake tins).

Spelling Words: play, close, blue, glad, flags, plate, class, black, fly, bless, some, these

Bible Memory: "There is no one holy like the Lord; there is no one besides you; there is no Rock like our God." 1 Samuel 2:2

Monday, March 3, 2014

News for Monday!

Hi everyone! Some important details I left out on the Friday news:

Bazaar: It is quickly appraoching. If you haven't yet, please send in ¥1000 for our Okinawa Soba booth. If you need to, please bring it to the conferences. Also, you can donate any used things now in the mornings 8:00-9:30 and afternoon 2:00-3:30. If anyone would like to help with sorting the items in the gym, OCSI would really appreciate any help. まだ、バザーのために1000円を出していない方は、コンフアレンスの日に出しでください。

We also need donations for canned drinks - so if you are willing, please help us supply that!

Because many of you already brought items for the Bazaar - our class, 1.2 has WON an ice cream party!!!! Thank you parents for donating!

Student-Led Conference: Here is the revised schedule. Please check your time and arrive 5 minutes before. Each conference will be 20 minutes and your child will be primarily talking and showing you their work. 

Homework Checklist: