Thursday, February 11, 2016

Friday News for Week of Feb 8-12

Happy Friday and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today was so very windy, but we tried not to blow away and had a fantastic day!

Today we celebrated Valentine’s Day by reading a fun Valentine’s Book, decorated Valentine Cards and passes out candy and cards to our friends.

This Week:

Reading: We focused on the Problem and the Solution of the story. The problem is the “oh no!” part of the story and the solutions is the “yeay” part of the story. We read some fun books to figure out the Problem and Solution.

For Spelling we practiced with some tricky words like meat and meet, weak and week.

Math: Today we finally learned about quarters. To me, quarters were always hard to count, even when I went to college in America, I had a tough time counting quarters. We will practice a lot next week and I’m sure the students will all be really good at counting quarters by the end! We also practiced some more function machine and money practice as well as some centers on fraction of blocks, geoboards and triangles, math facts practice, and fact family.

Bible: We are continuing to follow the Israelites with the story of Samuel’s birth. Now the Israelites have demanded a king and so Saul was anointed as the first kind of Israel.

Social Studies: We are starting to practice and learn about Kid City - a super fun event in April where the 1-2nd graders get to take of jobs and be producers and consumers in a mini city. We have learned about the Post Office, the Church, and the School.

Writing: We are continuing to learn about friendly letter writing. After we wrote a letter to Mr. Jernberg, he wrote us back! Thanks Mr. Jernberg!

NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY - Feb 15!!!!!!

Next Week:  
Bible Memory: “Man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart. “ 1 Samuel 16:7b
Spelling Review: boys boxes tent late rain may came boat hope told coat like time find kind seed meet meat weak week

Upcoming Events:
Feb 15 - No School - Presidents Day
Feb 19 - Picture Retake Day for any students who are absent or want to redo their picture.
March 5th - BAZAAR!
March 7th - No School - OCSI Holiday
March 18th - 3rd Quarter Ends!
March 21st - No School

March 25th - No School Good Friday