Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thursday News for Week of March 22-24

This week was a very short week! AND we had lot of student absent because of sickness! I hope everyone is rested and feeling better!

This Week: 
Reading and Writing: We read the book Prince Fly Guy which went with our fairy tale writing! The students have started writing their fairy tales and doing a great job! We are also working hard on our Student Led Conference portfolios.

Math: We worked on adding two items up together as well as making change. We also used calculators to practice! This is good practice for Kid City!

Bible: We learned the sad story of how Jesus was put on the cross even though he didn’t do anything wrong! It was scary to learn about how he was beat and bleeding and put on the cross. But we know that the story doesn’t end there! 3 days later, the tomb which he was laid in was rolled away AND he was ALIVE! He then appeared to his disciples and for 40 days continued to teach them. After that, he went into heaven and is there now until he comes back again. Wow! Thank you Jesus for taking our sins and dying for us!

Today we used one piece of origami, folded it a few times, cut it in half and told the story of Easter!

This Sunday is Easter Sunday where we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection! If you’d like to attend a church, here are some around Okinawa.

Central Baptist Church (English) Starts at 10:00am. 327-3 Oki, Yomitan, Nakagami District, Okinawa Prefecture 904-0316

Koza Baptist Church (English and Japanese) Website: Address: 686 Noborikawa, Okinawa City, JP 904-2142

Keystone Nazarene Church (English)  Service at 10:45 Website: Chatan, Okinawa

Calvary Chapel Okinawa (English and Japanese) 134-1 Noborimata, 中城村 沖縄県 901-2421

Calvary Chapel Ginowan (English and Japanese) Service at 10:00am - 1-3-5 Akamichi Ginowan City, Okinawa 901-2205 website:

Yomitan International Church - (English and Japanese) Service at 10:00am Yomitan, Okinawa

Next Week:
Bible Memory: Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6
Spelling Words Review: took, food, foot, soon, play, class, fly, glad, pray, dress, trust, frame, smile, stop, sleep, snack, wish, shape, much, child

Friday April 1st - Student Led Conference - please send the form back to school to let me know if you can attend. This day is a fun day to celebrate how much your child has grown and learned this school year. Please come with your child 5 minutes before your scheduled time so we can stay on schedule. Please listen to your child as they present and then ask some questions at the end.

Upcoming Events:

April 6-8 Terra Nova Standardized Testing

April 8th - KID CITY! Half day dismissal and beginning of Spring Break

April 11-15 Spring Break - NO School!