Saturday, October 22, 2016

Friday News for the Week of October 17-21

Happy Sunday! I’m sorry that this post if a few days late.

Last Week:
Reading: We learned all about characters! We learned that characters can be the people, animals, or things in a story that can think, feel and act. We read several books with all different kinds of characters. On Friday, we looked at our own books in our book folder and write down the names of the characters.
Writing: We are learned about how to write good opening sentences to make our stories exciting.

Math: We are continuing to move through subtraction. The students are doing great figuring out basic subtraction problems.

Bible: We finished the story of Jacob and learned that God changed his name to Israel. God kept his promise in Jacob’s life and brought Jacob back to his home and to his brother Esau who forgave him. Next we’ll learn about the exciting story of one of Jacob’s sons, Joseph!

Social Studies: We finished a unit called Me on the Map. We learned about our planet earth, our continent Asia, our country Japan, our prefecture Okinawa, our school and area Yomitan OCSI, and ME in the classroom!

For our Fun Friday this week, 2.1 class came to join in the fun.

Next Week:
Spelling Words: back, neck, kick, pick, sick, rock, sock, duck, have, or
Bible Memory: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;.” Proverbs 3:5

  • 11/3: Parent/Teacher Conferences - No school for students. Report cards Issued. Please return the paper sent home Friday.

Upcoming Events:
The class who raises the most money for Walkathon gets an ice cream party and guess who is winning right now?? 1.1!!! WOOHOO! Make sure you get in the Walkathon money and permission slips by Friday, October 28th. The coarse is much shorter this week and very doable for 1st graders. Kinder to 2nd grade students must walk with a parent so it is ¥3500 for the child and ¥3500 for the adult. Any extra people who want to walk in your family are welcome too!  Invite your friends and family and let’s have a great day!

  • 11/12: Walkathon
  • 11/14: School holiday
  • 11/19: PTF Holiday Market
  • 11/23: Professional Development Day - no school for students
  • 11/24-25: Thanksgiving vacation
  • 11/30: Progress Reports
  • 12/2: OCSI Christmas Program (12:30 dismissal for students)