Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday News for Week of Jan 23-26

Happy Friday!

We are first week into 3rd quarter and it felt like spring outside today!  We are having a fantastic time in 1st grade!

This week:

Our Reading strategy for the week was Problem and Solution. We read several fantastic books and thought about the Problem and the Solutions that happen in a story. I hope these students grow up to be good problem solvers and think through the best solutions to their problems!

In Math, we are continuing through place value. This is a confusing concept for 1st graders to learn because there’s a TENS place and a ONES place. Students get confused to what those words means when we are talking about numbers such as 23 and 56. BUT, we are making progress and the students are trying their best to figure it out. Once they master place value, they will be cruising onto higher level math for the rest of their lives!

We played some math games to help us practice!

In Bible we are starting to learn about the crazy Cycle of the Judges. After the Israelites are living in Canaan and Joshua died, they begin a cycle of forgetting about God, enemies coming and attacking them, remembering God, and then God sends a judge to save them. The first judge we learned about was Othniel. After him, we learned about Gideon. We learned how Gideon tested God several times to make sure that God was sending him. God helped Gideon defeat the Midianites with only 300 men!

In Writing we looked at different words we could say instead of easy words like “good,” “nice,” “fun,” “bad,” or “sad.” We thought of a lot of fantastic words we could use instead!

On Monday, Luca's parents came to help celebrate his birthday and made balloon art for all of us! It was so fun!

TODAY: 2nd Quarter Report Cards were sent home! (They were supposed to be sent home yesterday… sorry about that!) Inside you will find some great things!
  1. Your child’s report card with 2nd quarter comment
  2. STAR graph and AR book record - The place I highlighted says GE this stands for Grade Equivalent. If it says 1.5 that means first grade, fifth month. That would be about the perfect place for a first grader right now. We will take another STAR test in a few weeks. The AR book record is the library books they have been checking out and the score of their quiz. I highlighted the ones that your child did not pass.
  3. Math worksheets: Tests, Review sheets, mid chapter checks, fluency papers etc
  4. Reading and writing samples
Please keep everything inside the blue envelope! Please sign where is says “2nd Quarter” on the front and return the envelope back to school.

Next Week:
Spelling Words:  be   me   we   see   seed  feel    meat    meet   weak     week     come       other
Bible Memory Verse:   “I love you, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge.”.” Psalm 18:1-2

Upcoming Events:
2/10 Family Reading Night - Today a form was sent home! If you’d like to participate and come to the Family Reading Night, illustrate your family favorite book and bring it on 2/10 for a fun night of crafts, snacks, and reading and receive a free book!
2/14: Valentine's Day
2/20: Presidents’ Day - No School
2/21: Progress Reports
3/13: OCSI Holiday - No School
3/20: Elementary Student-Led Conferences
3/24: 3rd Quarter Ends
3/27: 4th Quarter Begins
3/29-31: Achievement Testing (grades 1-8)
3/31: Report Cards Issued
4/3-7: SPRING BREAK - No School