Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday News for the Week of April 17-21

Happy Kid City Day!

Wow! Did your children have fun today? I hope they came back with lots of fun, exciting stories from Kid City today. They all did GREAT!!! And thank you to the parents who helped! We couldn't pull it off without you! Here’s some pictures!

This Week:
We focused on Kid City most of the week in dialogue and what to do at each station. We practiced with money and shopping at the store as well as how to visit the doctor and bank.

Math: We also learned how to tell time to the hour and half hour. This includes learning how to say, “Half past 9” for 9:30. It’s a little tricky but we’ll practice more!

Bible: We jumped back to the Old Testament with the story of Solomon. God said he would give anything to Solomon and guess what he asked for? Not money, not fame, not glory - he asked for wisdom! Wow! Because of that God gave him riches, fame, and glory! He was very wise as he lived and he also build the temple for the Lord. Our prayer is for wisdom like Solomon too!

Next Week:
Spelling Words: hurt, verse, fern, dirt, burn, first, bird, turn, her girl, great, again, who
Bible Memory Verse:“O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth.” Psalm 8:1

Parents you are invited to come to Field Day! If it is sunny, we will be outside on the soccer field. If it is raining, we will be inside the gym. It will start from around 9:00am. Come cheer on your child!

Every student needs a HOME LUNCH お弁当that day! You can bring your lunch too BECAUSE at 11am, after field day is done, we will all walk down to the Sera-en park right under the school to have a picnic.

After the picnic, we will stay and play at the park until 2pm. If you come and join us, you are welcome to take your child home anytime after 11am. Please let me know if you want to take your child home. The rest of the students will come back to my classroom at 2pm to rest until 3pm for dismissal.

Please make sure your child has a: WATER-BOTTLE, SUNSCREEN, HAT, ORANGE T-SHIRT, and  Home LUNCH!

Upcoming Events:
5/4: Progress reports
5/5: Children’s Day - no school
5/29: Memorial Day - no school
6/2: HS graduation
6/9: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! CLASS PARTY (12:30 Dismissal for Students)