Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Friday News for the Week of November 13-21

Hi everyone! We had a great last week and 2 days. I didn’t write a Friday newsletter for last Friday because I wanted to include this week too!

Today was Harvest Festival and Pie Day!

The students enjoyed a fun morning of Thanksgiving crafts, games and songs. Here are some pictures:

This week, my brother was in town from Nagano, Japan! We enjoyed a fun weekend of climbing Katuudake and eating at Blue Seal. Do we look alike?

OCSI collected 20 boxes for Operation Christmas Child! Thank you for sending in items for the boxes! 

Last Week:
Reading: We talked about Mental Image - also called imagination or visualizing - it is very important for students to start to develop their mental image while reading. We read several poems and books where I didn’t show them the picture to try to practice making a picture in their heads. They did great! On Monday we read a poem called My Neighbor’s Dog is Purple. I stopped reading before the last line and had the students draw a picture of what they thought it looked like. Then I showed them the last line - it wasn’t a dog it was a crocodile! The students had to draw a new picture.

Math: This week was tough. We learned several new strategies for adding higher numbers. Some were tough, some were easy. The goal is to get the students able to use some mental math to figure out these problems. Way to work hard everyone!

Bible: We learned about the last plague that sent on the Israelites. It was the death of all the firstborn sons. But the people who put the blood of the lamb on the door frame were saved from this plague. It’s so amazing to see how later, through the death of Jesus, God’s son, by his blood shed for us, we can all be saved. He is the lamb of God. We also learned the story of God continuing to do a miracle by parting the Red Sea for the Israelites to walk through.

Spelling: We did a spelling game!

Next Week:
Spelling Words: puff, well, miss, will, back, pick, sock, duck, hand, went, fast, jump, long, hang, wink, ring, talk, fall, tall, your
Bible Memory Verse: “The Lord is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation.” Exodus 15:2a

NO SCHOOL until November 27th! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!!

Upcoming Events:
  • 11/22-24: Thanksgiving Holiday - no school
  • 12/6: 12:30 dismissal for students, Christmas Program
  • 12/15: 12:30 dismissal for students - Christmas PARTY!
  • 12/16 - 1/3: Christmas vacation