Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday News for the Week of Feb 26-Mar2

We had a super duper fun Week of Reading! It was so fun to dress up with different outfits and bring a
stuffed animal to school! We got so excited about reading!!!

On Monday we had 4 guest readers:

Tuesday was the character parade!

Wednesday was wear a hat day so we read outside!

Thursday we read with a buddy class - the 6th grade class

Friday was Pajama day!!!

This Week:

Reading and Writing: We started learning about letter writing and addresses. On Thursday we wrote a
letter on a post card, today we wrote our addresses on the post card and we mailed the post card at the
address! Check your mailboxes on Tuesday or Wednesday! :)

Math: We are cruising through double digit additions. We added tens, we counted on, and we regrouped.
Next week we are moving on to double digit subtraction and chapter review and test.

Bible: We learned how God chose a new king named David. David was the youngest of 8 brothers and it
was so cool to learn that God doesn’t look at the outside of a person, God is concerned about the heart.
We made a craft this week of a picture of us and wrote some things that we want in our heart that only
God can see.

We also learned the amazing story of when David fought the giant called Goliath. David used only some
stones and a slingshot to win against a giant. But that’s not all that helped him - God was on David’s side
and God helped him win. For Fun Friday, we fought against Goliath ourselves with a spoon and a pompom!

Next Week:

Bible Memory Verse: “The Lord is my light and my salvation - whom shall I fear? Psalm 27:1a

Spelling Words: star, scat, sleep, skate, space, spell, smile, snack, swim, stop, could, its

Upcoming Events:
March 21 - Student Led Conference - times sent home next week
March 30 - End of 3rd Quarter Culture Day for 3-5th grade
April 1-8 - SPRING BREAK!
April 9 - Classes start back
April 12 - Report Card Issued
April 20 - KID CITY! More information soon
April 27 - Field Day

May 5 - No School