Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday News for the Week of March 12-16

We had another great week at OCSI. The weeks are starting to fly by! According to our calculations we
we have been in school for 125 days and we have about 55 days left!

This Week:
Reading - Fairy Tales - This week we read multiple versions of The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and
the Three Bears - which was WAY too fun! We read a version of the Three Little Pigs that was from the
perspective of the wolf. We also read a Goldilocks version written by our favorite Mo Willems (that had
secret pigeons in it!!!). We did a little work on comparing and contrasting the two Goldilocks and the
Three Bears books together, which is a great (but hard) reading strategy. The students did awesome!

We also worked on seeing where we can find “sh” and “ch” words as well as how we can use “be”
“being” and “been.”

Writing - We have been writing opinion letters all week. Everyday the student received a “letter” from a
teacher at school that asked the 1.1 students their opinion on various things. On Thursday the letter was
from me asking the students their idea for a class pet. The students had to think of good reasons and by
giving good details. Writing opinion letters are hard but the students worked really hard.

Math: GRAPHING! We are rocking through the new Math unit of making graphs. We have so far
learned about a tally chart and a picture graph. The 2nd graders even came into our class to ask our
class a survey. Some students even started making their own survey in their free time! Here’s a picture
of the students asking each other some survey questions.

Bible: Our Bible stories have been full of excitement lately with the story of Saul’s final battle and
David finally becoming king. It continues next week with the rest of David’s reign and some problems
that arise.

Next Week: 
Spelling Words: took, food, foot, soon, play, class, fly, glad, pray, dress, trust,
frame, smile, stop, sleep, snack, wish, shape, much, child
Bible Memory: "Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord."
Mark 11:9b

Here's the schedule I have for Student Led Conferences! If you'd like to adjust a time, please let
me know!

Please arrive 5 minutes before your time so that we can start right on time!

Please be prepared to ask your child some questions at the end. Here are some samples:
  • What is your favorite part of school?

  • What is your favorite subject?

  • What subject is the hardest?

  • How can I help you at home?

Upcoming Events:
March 30 - End of 3rd Quarter Culture Day for 3-5th grade
April 1-8 - SPRING BREAK!
April 9 - Classes start back
April 12 - Report Card Issued
April 20 - KID CITY! More information soon
April 27 - Field Day
May 5 - No School