Thursday, December 19, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone! Merry Christmas!
Phew! We made it to the end of school in December. I have enjoyed every moment of teaching your child in 2013. I am so excited for 2014 and all the learning that will take place. Please everyone have a very safe and very fun Christmas break. I know many families are traveling and some are also staying home. Please make lots of memories with your family during this time. :)

THANK YOU to everyone who brought food and supplies for the Christmas Party. It was ALOT of fun!!! Yummy food, fun times, I was so happy all day. Here are some pictures:

I will also be sending you the pictures taken in Mrs. Gosin's room with the combined party. 

Some things to remember for January:

1. Today I will be sending out the 2nd Quarter Progress Reports by email. Please look for them and let me know of any questions you have. 

2.  Spelling Bee -
I'm sorry that I have not let you know about this sooner. On Wednesday, I sent home the Spelling Bee list for everyone. In January, we will have a class Spelling Bee from the words that I sent home. The top 3 students will who win will be able to advance to the school Spelling Bee with the 2nd graders. From there, we will decide a winner. If you can, please study the words during the holiday. We will have our class spelling bee in the week January 13-17. It is a lot of fun and a good way to become better spellers! I will attach the words to my website. Click here and here

3. Kite Day -
When we get back to school on Jan 13, it will be Kite Day. During New Years, many kites are being sold. Please buy one to be ready on Kite Day. 

See you in 2014!