Thursday, November 5, 2015

Friday News for week of Nov2-6

Happy Friday!

Recap of the week:
Reading: Our strategy was “Mental Image.” It is important to make pictures and images in your head while you are reading. Kind of like a movie in your head. We read several funny poems from Shel Silverstein and tried to imagine it in our head. We also read “Gruffalo” to imagine what he looked like. On Friday, we read a funny poem called “My Neighbor’s Dog is Purple.” We listened to half of the poem and drew a picture of what we saw in our head. Then we finished the poem and found out it was an alligator! So funny!

Writing: We introduced Dialogue this week. I modeled writing a story where the characters talk to each other. The students also tried it in their own writing times. I know they will grow up to be good and creative writers!

Math: This week our theme was “Measuring.” We started by measuring thermometers. It was a little tricky because the lines of a thermometer are not always clear. So we had to practice counting by 2’s and 10’s. Then then went on to use our bodies to measure things around the room but we all realized, our feet are not all the same size! We learned about the standard way to measure with a “foot.” We also learned about measuring to an “inch” today. It’s a little confusing but we will practice more with it later.

Bible: We started the amazing story of Moses! The Israelites are living in Egypt but have been treated as slaves since the Pharaoh that knew Joseph died. The Pharaoh began killing the baby Israelite boys. One mom wanted to protect her baby so placed in him a basket and put him in the Nile river. Soon, the Pharaoh’s daughter found the basket and decided to keep the baby and named him Moses. Moses was an Israelite but grew up in Pharaoh’s house like an Egyptian. When he grew up, he saw how his people were treated, did some not so good thing and then ran away to Midian. There, God spoke to him through a burning bush and told Moses to go back to Egypt and to free the Israelites. Pharaoh had a hard heart and would not let them go! God did 10 plagues to show the Egyptians how powerful God is and to change Pharaoh’s mind, but it didn’t work, until the last one, the worst one, the death of all first born sons, including Pharaoh’s own son… It’s incredible to see how God used even a man like Moses to work out his amazing plan!

God's Story: Moses from Crossroads Kids' Club on Vimeo.

Science: Life cycle of a butterfly was exciting to learn about! Here are 2 videos we watched in class:

Next Week:
Spelling Words: long   king   ring   long   sung   sink   wink   bunk   on   but
Bible Memory: "For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son And anyone who believes in Him can have eternal life." John 3:16 - (This is the verse in the song the 1st graders are singing for the Christmas program!

Upcoming Events:
November 14th - Walkathon!

You don’t want to miss out on Walkthon! It’s a fun day where students and parents can walk and raise money for the school! Make sure to submit your permission slip and money in soon!

November 16th - No school! OCSI Holiday

November 21st - PTF Holiday Fair
November 24th- Harvest Day - more information later
November 25-27 Thanksgiving Holiday

December 2nd - Christmas Program - early dismissal for students. Christmas Program at 7pm. Students should arrive at the hall by 6:30. More information sent out next Friday in the Friday Folders!