Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday News for Week of November 9-13

Happy Friday!

Tomorrow is Walkathon!! Are you all ready? Here are some details to remember:

Wear comfortable clothes and be ready in case of rain!
Please arrive between 8-9am and go to the cafeteria and find me! I will give you your number and tell you some more details. After that, you can go to the soccer field to wait for 9am and to start.

K-2nd graders can take the bus (if they want) to Checkpoint 6 and start walking from there. Parents please stay with your children!

When you arrive back to school there will be some fun games and bouncy houses for you to enjoy.

Looking forward to a great day!

This Week:
Reading: Our focus for the week was “Tune into Interesting Words.” We started off the week with reading Fancy Nancy. Talk about interesting words! She uses so many fancy words like “fushia” and “stupendous.” We used some fun post-it tape to mark the fun words that we found. The whole week, when the students were reading by themselves and they found an interesting word, they could go get the tape and stick it on the page where they found and interesting word. On Friday, we wrote down the interesting words in our journal. We also wrote some on our word wall. The students did amazing finding new words. That will make them be better readers and writers!

Math: We continued measuring with inches this week. Instead of using a straight ruler, we also learned how to measure curved surfaces with a tape measure. The students had fun measuring each other’s heads and arms, as well as walking around the room and measuring different objects.

Bible: Pharaoh has finally said, “GO!” after the last and worst plague, the death of the first born son. The Israelites have to now trust God with which way to go. God never fails them. When there is huge sea in front of them, he divides the water in half so they can walk through to the other side. When they don’t have food, he gives them food and water. Now, God has given the Israelites the 10 Commandments - or rules for them to follow and so obey God with. The 10 Commandments are still applicable for us today and a very good standard for us to live by as we joyful follow after God!

Walkathon Door Decorating Contest - On Monday we decorated our door! The winning class received ice cream so we worked hard. We didn’t win but doesn’t our door look great? We are excited for Walkathon!

Science - We are learning the life cycle of an ant. Ants are very facinating creatures! We find them all over the place - even in our houses! There life cycle is more similar to a butterfly’s then a chickens. We watched several videos, learned the ant body parts and the life cycle this week.

Upcoming Events:
November 14th - Walkathon!

November 16th - No school! OCSI Holiday

November 21st - PTF Holiday Fair
November 24th- Harvest Day - A little note should have been sent home today! Harvest Day is a fun day for only 1st and 2nd grade students where they get to visit the other classes and learn about American Thanksgiving. This day is also pie day so we will eat pie together.

November 25-27 Thanksgiving Holiday

December 2nd - Christmas Program - early dismissal for students. Christmas Program at 7pm. Students should arrive at the hall by 6:30.