Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday News for Week of November 17-20th

Happy Friday!

It was a short but great week at OCSI. We started full elementary practices for the Christmas Program in the gym with K-5th grade students. The students are excited to share with you the songs they have been working on very hard.

This Week:
Reading: Our theme was “Making connections to what we are reading.” We read several books and thought about how this book shares something in our life. We read a book about a student who was having a bad day and we all agreed we’ve all had bad days. On Friday we read “If You Take a Mouse to School.” We made connections about how we go to school and share similar things with the story. It is important for good readers to make connections to the books they are reading.

Math: On Monday, we did math centers. One group of students measured their height with a tape measure. Other groups used base 10 blocks and geoboards to explore shapes. The last group played domino top-it. The students had fun exploring different aspects of math together. For the rest of the week we learned telling time to the quarter hour as well as time-lines. Just like a number line, we can use a timeline to map out days, weeks, and years!

Bible: We are continuing to follow the Israelites as they follow God out of Egypt. God gave them his plans for a place to worship God called the Tabernacle. The Israelites will continue to follow God into the promised land he is giving them.

Next Week:

Only 2 days next week!
No Homework
No Spelling Words
No Bible Memory Verse

Tuesday 11/24 is Harvest Day

11/25-11/27 No School - Thanksgiving Break

Christmas Program Practice:
11/30: K-5th grade students will travel to Yomitan Cultural Center to practice for Christmas Program.
12/1: Practice at school
12/2: K-5th grade students practice at Yomitan Cultural Center. Students all need HOME LUNCH お弁当

7:00pm is Program. Please have students at the hall no later than 6:30. They should be dressed up. Please come excited to see your child perform the Christmas Story!