Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday News for week of March 8-11

Happy Friday!

Today the 1st and 2nd grade students went on a tour around the world. We visited the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classrooms where they shared with us their country projects. The upper elementary students did a great job sharing their projects and the 1st graders did a great job listening and asking questions. I hope everyone learned something new about a country today.

We had fun eating in our classroom too!

This Week:

Reading: Our focus was Fairy Tales. We learned that fairy tales usually have a good opening (Once upon a time…) a good ending (and they all lived happily ever after), royalty (kings, princesses), love, good characters, bad characters, and special numbers or repeated phrases. We read the story of Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, and Rumpelstiltskin and found out that is has all of those!

Math: We did a lot of review this week. On Monday we took a Unit 7 math test as well as a 3D shapes test to see if the students know the names. We also had the students bring in 3D shapes and today they put their 3D shapes on their desk and went around and said the name of each shape. We also reviewed telling time and counting money. We will soon move into counting with dollars and giving change so I want to make sure all the students are able to count money well.

Bible: We finished the story of David with God’s promise that his son will continue to be king and build a temple for God. Next week, we will take a break from David and the Israelites and talk about the Easter story until Easter!

Social Studies: We are working hard learning about different places in a city. This week we learned about the Bank. We learned that deposit means to put money in the bank and withdrawal means to take money out. We also practiced balancing a checkbook by taking money out and putting money in. I hope these students grow up to be wise with their money!

The Bazaar last week was a great success! We made and sold about 2000 Lumpia! Thank you to all the families that donated money, the moms and dads who came out to wrap lumpia, decorate the booth and help sell on the Bazaar day! Also, a HUGE thank you to Mrs. Alcantara, Mrs. Ikehara, and Mrs. Young for all of their help organizing and getting the supplies for Lumpia! You guys are awesome!

Next Week:
Spelling Words: star, scat, sleep, skate, space, spell, smile, snack, swim, stop, could its
Bible Memory: “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” Mark 11:9

March 15-17 is Kids Club! These are regular school days, but from 8:35-10:50, the K-2nd grade students will be taught by the HS Mission’s Week students with a Bible story, craft, game, and music! It will be a fun week!

March 18th - 3rd Quarter Ends!
March 21st - No School - Work Day for Teachers
March 24th - Family Reading Night at OCSI - 6:30. Come with your family for a fun night of celebrating books together! There will be an Easter Egg Hunt. Bring a favorite family book (any language) to read together as a family.
March 25th - No School - Good Friday
April 1st - Student Led Conference - No School - You will get a form soon about your time to come and celebrate the growth of your student!

April 6-8 Terra Nova Standardized Testing

April 8th - KID CITY! Half day dismissal and beginning of Spring Break

April 11-15 Spring Bread - NO School!