Sunday, June 5, 2016

Friday News for Week of May 30- June 3rd

I can’t believe this is the last Friday of the whole school year! Wow!

We had another great week in 1st grade. We finished up some tests and work, we stretched ourselves and the students showed me, they are ready for 2nd grade!

Reading: We had our last round of Reading including Read to Self, Read to Someone, Word Work, Work on Writing, Listen to Reading, and Book Shopping. The students have gained so much stamina and are able to sit quietly and read for 30 minutes! They have also all improved in their reading on average improving .7 levels in reading. The students have also showed me they can put into practice the reading strategies we taught in class in comprehension, accuracy, fluence, and expanding vocabulary. Great job students!

Writing: This week, the students also showed off their Animal Research Projects to each other. Each of them shared their writing with other classmates. I then displayed them on the wall to see. When I send this home next week, parents, please look over it and treasure their hard work!

Math: We also finished up some math tests this week with a Unit 10 Math Test AND an end-of-the-year math test reviewing everything they’ve learned. Some students struggled in different areas of math so it was great to see them work hard and grow through the hard concepts.

Bible: We are not stopping with Bible until the last day of school! This week we compared and contrasted the stories of Esther and Daniel, as well as learned about the 70 years after the Exile when King Cyrus lets the Jews go back to Israel to rebuild the temple - just like God promised! Wow! The people are sorry for their sins and trusting in God as they rebuild the temple.

Science - We are having a blast learning about the human body. So far we have covered the Digestive System, Skeletal System, Nervous System, and Circulatory Systeym. Next week we will begin making a real life size poster of each of these systems which you can see at our class party on Wednesday.

On Friday we stood outside as the seniors walked by! We loved getting to know Ms. Sabrina and Mr. Shawn this year - congratulations for graduation!!!!!

Next Week
Only 3 days of school!
No Homework or Bible Memory Verses

Wednesday June 8th - No School Lunch served in the cafeteria. We will have a similar class party to the Christmas Party. Mrs. Alcantara kindly sent and email out to parents to sign up for food to bring. Here’s the link:

Parents, please come at 11am:

Tentative Schedule:
1100 Parents arrive
1115 Eat
1145 Games
1215 Clean up + farewells
1230 Dismissal

I hope to see you all there!