Friday, October 6, 2017

Friday News for the Week of October 2-6

Happy Friday!

We has another great week at OCSI!

This week:
Reading: We focused on some accuracy strategies to help us read hard words. We learned to read try to read the beginning and ending sound, and to stretch and blend the words. We also learned that sometimes it is better to skip the word and go back to try to read it again later. We also read a few Dr. Seuss books this week and we’ll continue reading some more next week!

This week we also learned how to do Read to Someone - the students love reading with a buddy so much! In the first day, they already read 14 minutes! Here are some pictures of them reading:

There was an odd number of students so even I got to do Read to Someone

Next we will start a rotation of Read to Self, Read to Someone, Word Work, Listen to Reading, and Book Shopping.

Math: We are diving into Chapter 2 which is all about subtraction. It’s a little bit of a mind shift from addition, but the students are doing great!

Writing: This week we officially started the new writing curriculum called Writer’s Workshop. It fit right into our other writing strategies. This week, we learned to write a story in a book format. We learned the three steps: 1. Idea, Plan, and Write. For Idea, it can be a small moment, like something that you do, or something that happened to you. For Plan, we need to touch each page and tell what we want to write, then quickly sketch the pictures across. We also read a fabulous story about a boy who never had any ideas during writing time, but then his class helped turn him into a great writer.

Bible: We are continuing through the story of Jacob and Esau. Even though Jacob was the younger of the twins - God has plans for him to receive the birthright and blessing - even if it was through tricking his brother. Now, Jacob is on the run from his family - but God’s going to keep looking out for Jacob and continue to keep his promise to Abraham and Isaac and now Jacob. Here are the students with their Bible puppets of Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob and Esau.

Fun Friday: We PAINTED!!!!

Next Week:

Spelling Words (review week): cat   man   had   has   God   hop   not   mom   bed   get   let yes   sun   cut   bug   us   did   big   him   fix
Bible Memory Verse: “Shout for joy to the Lord all the earth, Worship the Lord with gladness.” Psalm 100:1

Upcoming Events:

  • 10/9: No school!
  • 11/3: Parent/Teacher Conferences - no classes  More information coming soon!
  • 11/11: Walkathon and Holiday Market - some information sent home today!
  • 11/13: OCSI holiday