Thursday, January 11, 2018

Friday News for the Week of Jan8-12

Happy Friday!

This week:

Reading: We reviewed the 4 main reading strategies of Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expand Vocabulary. Together they make up what we call the Reading CAFE. Today, the students picked one of those four to really improve on for the last 100 days of school. (Can you believe we are on day 83?)  I’m so proud of all the students for how much they have already improved in reading and it’s only the end of the 2nd quarter! We read through Curious George Flies a Kite to go over those strategies.

Math: We finished up Chapter 4 about Subtraction Strategies. This was probably the trickiest chapter yet and there was one lesson that we just decided not to cover at all because it was confusing everyone! But I hope the students learned some new (and faster) ways to subtract past 10. We had our Chapter 4 test today! Next we’ll be moving on to Place Value!

Writing: We have been writing "How to..." stories for a while now! This week we finally picked one of our writings to edit and publish.

Bible: After Christmas break we jumped back into the stories of Joshua and the Israelites going into their Promised Land, Canaan. First they had to cross the Jordan River, and just like the Red Sea, God dried up their path so they could walk through on dry land. The first city they had to conquer was Jericho. God told the Israelites to march around the city for 7 days blowing trumpets. Then on the 7th day, they marched around 7 times and all yelled! Guess what happened? The walls of Jericho fell down! Amazing! God can do anything!
We got to act out the story this week!

Fun Friday - We watched the Veggietales movie, “Josh and the Big Wall”

Next Week
Thursday is OCSI day so wear RED and WHITE!!!

Spelling Words: go   no   so    boat    coat    rode    home   hope   old  told    give    said
Bible Memory Verse: “But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

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Upcoming Events:
January 15th - No School
January 25th - 2nd quarter ends
January 26th - No School
Feb 1 - Report Cards sent home
Feb 19 - No School
Feb 28 - 3rd Quarter Progress Reports