Sunday, December 17, 2017

Friday News for the Week of December 11-15

Happy start to Christmas Vacation!

We had a great last week before Christmas break in 1st grade!

This week we tuned into Interesting Words. We read a variety of books and stopped at the words that
sounded fun, long, or words we didn’t know what they meant. The students even got their own set
of “sticky notes” to stick inside books where they found interesting words. We read a lot of books by
David Shannon this week too and they had LOTS of interesting words!

Math: This week we continued to look at different subtraction strategies such as making 10 and using
the addition addends to help subtract. On Wednesday, we did a fun math game where the students
worked in partners to figure out Christmas word problems. All the students got a prize because they all
worked so hard!

Bible: We continued the story of the birth of Jesus! We learned how the shepherds came to visit him
as well as the Wise Men from the east who followed the star. It was fun to compare the Christmas
Program to the real story of Jesus’ birth and I think it meant a lot to students after they learned the

We did a lot of Christmasy things this week including crafts and writing. We even got to visit Jesus in
the manger with our writing about what kind of gift we would bring to Jesus.

Christmas Party - Thanks to all the parents who came and for all the food you brought!! We had so
much fun playing games and eating food. I enjoyed chatting with everyone!

I hope everyone has a very wonderful Christmas break, a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!See you on January 4th when school starts back!

Upcoming Events:

January 8th - KITE DAY and Parent Observation Day! - Make sure to buy your kites over the break!